Allies and Enemies

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Allies and Enemies

Post by Admin-One on Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:10 pm

To become an ally with Ex Leviticus, the individual or leader of the pack should contact one of the Numbers who will in turn contact the lead Number. The lead Number and the leader/leaders of the potential ally will meet to discuss the terms and conditions of the alliance. Upon agreement the name of the ally pack or individual and the terms and conditions will be given to all members of Ex Leviticus privately.
Should you wish to become an IC enemy with Ex Leviticus you must follow the same procedure as outlined in the alliance section. Enemies, however, must remain IC meaning no OOC drama will be tolerated. Should the enemy/enemies become a nuisance to any of the Numbers, the character or pack will be removed from our RP and their user/users will go directly onto the pack-wide ignore/block list.


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