How to Become a Number

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How to Become a Number

Post by Admin-One on Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:04 pm


To enter further into this site and view hidden material you must become a member of the site. In order to get your account verified by the admin, however, you must be a member of the pack within FeralHeart which can be achieved by simply whispering opal9 in FeralHeart. Should you not get a response within half an hour, the admin is not online and you will need to try again at a later time.

Things to consider before requesting to join the pack:

  • Ex Leviticus is a rankless pack, meaning we operate a little differently than your typical FeralHeart pack. Every member of Ex Leviticus is required to pull their weight in the pack. If we need a hunter and you are available to do so, you may be sent out to hunt. If we need a healer and you can heal, you will be summoned forward, etc. The way you get ahead is strictly by RPing and proving your worth.
  • The pack is quite exclusive, meaning outsiders know little and insiders know nearly everything. However, this also means that once you join it is impossible to leave with your character's life intact. Once the secrets of Ex Leviticus are learned, your character is bound to the other Numbers. Anyone caught spreads secrets to outsiders of the pack will be executed IC along with the outsiders who know too much about Ex Leviticus. Curiosity will kill the cat.
  • Following a trail period, during which the pack gets to meet you, your assigned number will be scarred into your character in the form of a roman numeral. This is to display your devotion and to ensure that, even if you run, you will always be a Number.
  • You do not get to pick your number. It has proven to be very difficult to keep track of numbers if they are scattered and not ordered. Therefore, after the trail 2 days are over, your character will be assigned the next available number.
  • You must change your character's display name to your number in the form of a roman numeral once it is assigned. It is considered more formal to be referred to as your number, and only other pack members get the privilege of calling your character by their given name. You may keep your character's given name in the biography and will still be added to the group during the trail period.

Can you make it as a Number?


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